Hi! My name is Josh. I’m a musician from Chicago.

This is collection of writings from when I was in college. I created this blog so that I could share my what I learned along the way – at some point I hope to keep adding to the site. For now I’m focusing on creating music.

About myself:

Some favorite musicians: Duke Ellington, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarrett, Pierre Boulez, Igor Stravinsky, Ennio Morricone, Scott Bradley.

Some favorite animation artists: Preston Blair, Maurice Noble, John Hubley, Lou Romano, Teddy Newton, Ronnie Del Carmen.

My music on iTunes and Soundcloud


10 Responses to About

  1. Bill M says:

    Great stuff Josh. Glad to find this. Good luck w/the project.

  2. Tony Musser says:

    Hello, Your site is quite informative. I am a trumpet player and currently studying music in Colorado Springs. I am writing a term paper on the history of Jazz in animation, and was wondering if you could give me any sources for research on the subject. Any help is appreciated. I will continue to read your archives. Thanks.

    Tony Musser

  3. Symon says:

    this is great josh , i wish you luck, and Tony. I cant see any websites based on this kind of thing.
    I am a big fan of Animation in jazz AND jazz in animation if that makes sense. Sometimes the line is blurred

    There is a great short animation of A night in tunisia

    Ive seen it but i wouldnt know how to get it

    symon AT themeweaver.com

    For me it is the abstractions of the music, things that have a real 50s and 60s feel.

    Also don’t forget the Charlie brown animations with the score by vince guaraldi – very nice. The early pink panther cartoons – very 60s . The first Pink Panther movie has excellent opening sequences too.

    there are other abstract animations but i wouldnt know how to get them

  4. Chris says:

    My name is Chris, I’m a grad student in interaction design at Carnegie Mellon U. Before this I was a professional jazz bassist in Chicago.
    I’m working on a thesis about sound and image. I dig all your posts. I’m wondering if you have any other sources, books etc, you would recommend about the relationship between sound and image.
    I’m beginning to work on a project creating real time visualization software for instrumental music. I want to illustrate the interplay between different instruments, melody, rhythm, and chord scale relationships. Any thoughts or suggestions? Do you know of anything similar that already exists?

  5. Sean says:

    Hey, nice site, i dunno if anyone’s mentioned this to you before or if you’ve already come across it, but there’s a Japanese animated series called Cowboy Bebop, which might interest you. Has a pretty sweet jazz-cool feel to it, and there’s some pretty good music in it, i enjoy the theme song and the stylized visuals that go with it, check it out, give it a chance, and enjoy the music, adios.

  6. Justin Boggan says:

    I have been putting togehter a website on the scores of “Batman: The Animated Series” and was wondering if I can use the reply the late Harvye Cohen sent yopu, on my site.

  7. Justin says:

    Very interesting site!

  8. Sophie says:

    Hello Josh and all of you,

    Your blog is very interesting!
    I study animation and am also making a reasearch on the subject: jazz and animation, besides the books mentionned on this blog are there any good books you could advise me to read?

    thanks in advance,


  9. Swpnil Patel says:

    Check out Chico and Rita if you like Jazz and Animation


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